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Aug. 28th, 2006

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

NotGoodItEvil Advertisement

Sadly, due to a lack of funds I've had to close my premium cafepress shop. I'm now starting from scratch and will be reintroducing all of my designs which will be featured in their own basic shops.

The very first new shop is now open and ready for visitors. You can visit it at...


You can also visit this store by clicking on any of the teaser pictures below. There are plenty more items with this design in my shop (i.e. women's clothes, stickers, kids clothes, household items etc) so if you like this word art please feel free to make a stop at this store.

As I add new stores I'll make more advertising posts so that you can see the designs and decide if you'd like to visit them. If you know someone who might like this design please send them a link to either this post or my site. Thank you. Have a good day! ^_^

Jun. 9th, 2006

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

Found on youtube very funny.

Funny DUI Traffic Stop

Jun. 8th, 2006

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

What's that? An update? Well shiver me undies.

LOL! My subject just made me giggle.

I was soooo sad about the photos the other day that I totally forgot to tell everyone (or will tell everyone once they realize I've moved again) that I found a magic spot at Fountain View. As soon as I stepped in (after pushing and pulling on the door like a moron and then realized I had to type in a code--which I'll get to in a second) and stood on the magic spot Madeline (one of my Mom's friends whom I nor my Mom has seen in a couple of years) comes around the corner. We hugged and chatted for a few minutes and then she went to work and I went to fill out my application.

I finished filling out my application and went to look at the birds they have there. My bird watching was finished and I turned to go. As soon as I stepped into the spot Rickie (my old Boss first boss from Aero) walks around the corner. We did the customary "OH MY GOD! How long's it been!" squeals and then hugged. I walked outside with her and we talked by her pickup (which ironically was parked directly across from my Mom's van). We chatted about life and such and then after saying we should get together we had to part ways. I think I will call her. I need to get some friends who live in my zip code or close to it lol.

Last night I started my new anti-depressant/anxiety drug therapy. As I stated before I'm taking Effexor XR and Xanax. There's really not much to update on yet (I mean come on I've only taken them for less than twenty-four hours), but unfortunately I'm apparently going to have to deal with the dizziness, general out of it type stuff, and being sleepy until I get up to the full strength and my body gets used to it. It's nothing to worry about. My body just reacts weirdly whenever I have to take prescription meds.

Love to all,


P.S. I'll make new icons soon.

Jun. 7th, 2006

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

Doctor Doctor Tell Me the News

My Mom called today telling me that she was able to get me an appointment with Dr. Umalu (spelling probably wrong). She called about an hour and a half before my granparents came to get me. I immediately got an upset stomach and felt like vomiting, but that was all just my nerves. When I arrived I was taken back to the little room right away (a benefit of having a mother who's a nurse working at the place your being seen). I was on edge and my blood pressure was really high both times Phylis (again the spelling is probably wrong) took it. She and Mom are really good friends and doctor Umalu is really nice so I feel comfortable around them, I just get nervous being in new environments. After a little wait I talked to Dr. Umalu for a few minutes and he decided to put me on EFFEXOR XR and Xanax to see if they'll help with my major depression and anxiety. If they don't work he said he's going to put me on Wellbutrin. It was really nice of him to see me. I don't have insurance and I can't pay him. I have a feeling though that my Mom offered to give him a few computer lessons for free. She tutors him about twice a month because he needs to be able to use a computer efficently in order to take some doctor test that's coming up. Maybe she didn't, but either way I still feel bad about being such trouble. If these pills help though it'll be worth it. Dr. Umalu also said that after we get my anxiety and depression under control he'll probably have me take some water pills and then possibly some thyroid medicine because my thyroid still appears to be on the sluggish side. I hope these medicines work.

Jun. 6th, 2006

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

Fountain View

As per Mom's request I have put in an application for housekeeping at Fountain View. Maybe they'll call me back this time around. It's a pretty laid-back environment which is what I need. It's also fairly close to home so my not having a car won't be a problem.

The ruined photos has really put a damper on my day. I wasn't going to post about them again, but I can't help thinking that if I had known the film was useless I wouldn't have wasted my time. I didn't even really have the money. I'm past due on most of my bills, but I know that as film ages it has a bigger chance of being ruined. I've had mine just sitting there for a few years and it was too the point of now or never. If I had photoshop I'd try and salvage the photos.

*walks off feeling remorseful*
Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

Ruined Pictures

They've had a sale here for photo developing. The sale was buy 2 get one free. Well I took my photos in and only a few came out okay. I just spent 40 dollars on like twenty pictures. Now I have no extra money and a bunch of ruined pictures. They all came out so grainy. *cries and throw temper tantrum*

I hope there's some way to fix them (at least a little bit).

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

What was old is now old-new!

Well hello to my old-new journal! You were formally trunkswoman and now you have shed a coocoon after all these years and have emerged as the fantastic (if I do say so myself) ambeari. Ah, the romps we had in the days of old. Alas! Life has sprung anew for you and I can't wait to share my memories with you. Good days are ahead my dearest ambeari. I can feel it in my bones.

Nov. 21st, 2002

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

Life is a web of cornsilk and daisies

Well today I overslept and just barely made it to my Theatre class in time. I shouldn't have though since I've gotten PLENTY of sleep these past couple of days. Sleep is good, and with all the sleep I've gotten I feel as if I could stay up for a month. *yawns* I was in a terrible mood the other day. Jealously was part of the reason. I won't tell anyone why I was jealous for two reasons. 1. It was petty. and 2. I honestly don't know why I was jealous. The other reason was well...oh nevermind. Its not important.

As for the rest of my life this week, I watched the entire Vampire Princess Miyu series in the span of 3 nights. Now I'm watching Angelic layer and I suspect that I'll have this series under my belt before the end of the weekend. ^_~

This weekend is gonna be hell. Well maybe not. depends on whether or not I do my work. ^_~ I have to type a 6-10 page paper for my health class. This really irks me since before it was supposed to me 2-3 pages and now she ups the amount. GGGRRRRrrrr. Shouldn't be too bad since the subject is me and my health. I should know enough about me to write a damn book. I just don't want to write about me. Tis all.

I can't wait until Thanksgiving break. Four days with no school. YES!

I hope I did good on my math test. If I got an 'A' I think I'll be able to skip the final. Yay! *crosses fingers, legs, toes, and arms*

!!!~What Harry Potter Fan Fic Ship Are You?~!!!

brought to you by Quizilla

Awww how cute, but...

!!!~What Harry Potter Fan Fic Ship Are You?~!!!

brought to you by Quizilla

...this is more like it.

Which male HP character are you most compatible with?

brought to you by Quizilla

Hee. If only the span of time didn't advance my age.

What's your sexual appeal?

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how would you commit suicide?

What type of vampire are you?

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NOOOoooo I wanna be a sexy vampiress!!! Not a five-year-old seductress!!! *sniffle*

Nov. 19th, 2002

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

On-line at last!!!

Well it was a tough battle, but I finally managed to log on via Melian's computer. It fought hard to keep me away from my beloved internet, but in the end in succumbed to my whim.

My life has been quite the bore today. Nothing exciting has happened. I slept for about 12 hours so I am very well rested. ^_~

I signed up for my classes and I got into the same Children's lit class that Melian is in. WHOOOO!!! Good thing cause there was only 2 seats left. I may end up changing some of my schedule around but the history and lit classes stay.

*goes off in search of picies*

Nov. 17th, 2002

Florianne the Rainbow Winged Faery

(no subject)

Just a quick update to show off my other new icon. Damn I need more icon space!!! Had to put a couple on my other j. Heehee.

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