Ambeari's Journey Through Life

...wandering between fantasy and reality.

Goddess of inSanity
19 February 1980

I'm cute as a button and that's all ya really need to know but I'll tell ya more about myself anyways ^_~...

I am in denial about being 26. Growing up I thought anyone older than the teen years was ancient. I guess now I'm past ancient.

Gay love between men and women is a beautiful thing in my opinion. I myself have never had a relationship with a girl, but since I drool over both on tv I assume I'm bi-sexual. Love isn't a thing, it's a feeling. Who cares what package it comes in as long as you have it.

I love to read...especially books about vampires (they can bite me any time)...and...Harry Potter (Here I come Hogwarts-whether or not you send me my acceptance letter). I'm also an aspiring author. Someday, I will take over the world with my mahvelous writing skillz and imagination.

I am an eccentric sensitive soul who has chosen to embark on her own spiritual journey. I am a ChristPagan if you will. I attend church, wear a pentacle, and pray to God, Jesus, and Goddess. I believe that there is one ultimate power (for me God, Jesus, and Goddess) who loves us and is whatever we need them to be. We were all created to have different interests, skills, and personalities. Why wouldn't we have different religions?

I'm also a dreamer. I have the most vivid, awe-inspiring, crazy dreams. I live for my dreams and keep track of them in my dream journal.

My sense of humor is quirky. I often laugh at little jokes that I made myself. I get amused easily. Most of the time people don't get my humor, but that's okay.


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